Mades Recipes Herbal Happiness

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Mades Recipes Herbal Happiness 

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Mades Recipes Herbal Happiness 200ml.Mades Recipes Herbal Happiness Body Cream 350ml

Delicious rejuvenating experience with hints of grapefruit, eucalyptus and green notes, known for creating fresh skin and restoring its natural glow

Mades Recipes Herbal Happiness 200ml Eye-catching, bright and fun, bold fragrances. Designed to condition hair and lift fine hair from roots to ends for added body.The lightweight formula increases volume, body and fullness while providing shine and softness. The main components are cationic surfactants, fatty alcohol and silicone.

The cationic surfactants and fatty alcohol make a unique gel and together with silicone, it is ideal for application to hair. Forms a very even and homogeneous coat, resulting in full coverage and spreads that:

- protects hair from friction (lubrication) provides softness and shine reduces frizz and flying hair terms has a volumizing effect  Mades Recipes Herbal Happiness Body Cream 350ml Product that nourishes and hydrates, fast absorption without greasy feeling on the skin

Herbal Happiness with a cocktail of fruit extracts. Known for creating a fresh look. Delicious aroma assured Herbal Happiness - with tones of grapefruit, eucalyptus and green notes. Leaves skin fresh.

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