Collistar Sunscreen Active Protection (SPF 30) 150 ml. + as a gift After Sun Treatment 100 ml.

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Collistar Sunscreen Active Protection (SPF 30) 150 ml. + as a gift After Sun Treatment 100 ml.Collistar hypersensitive skin solar line.



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The sunscreens in this range are a combination of physical and chemical filters. They have chosen biologically harmless ingredients, that is, highly tolerable for the skin. They protect against UVB, UBA and infrared rays. Solar protection against infrared is especially indicated for skin with couperose.

An important property of these filters is that they are photo-stable and thermostable: they are not altered by the sun or by heat. They do not degrade and their protective action remains active long after application to the skin.

The star ingredient is Lutein (we have Lutein in the retina of the eyes, with a natural protective action against sunlight). This ingredient has great antioxidant power and is photoprotective. Collistar laboratories extract them from calendula. Its beneficial properties as a sunscreen for the skin are added:

Powerful anti free radical action.

Shield against the inflammatory process that ends in solar erythema (the action of UVB on the skin).

Protection of cells against UVA rays, responsible for premature skin aging.

Finally, combined with Vitamin E and a disaccharide present in the formula, the cosmetic enhances the self-repair reaction of skin cells and activates the skin's natural defenses. A simpler explanation: as soon as the skin begins to react to excessive sun exposure, the ingredients help to control the inflammatory reaction of the erythema.

Viso Solare Protection Active Cream Spf30+ by Collistar

A specific sun cream for the face that contains:

Citrus unshiu extract, effective against the formation of spots.

 Also ideal for the eye contour, neck, chest, neckline and hands.

Aftersun repairing body cream

Collistar Special Perfect Tan After Sun Super Soothing Repair Treatment

Characteristics: soothing, moisturizing, repairing.

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