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Foam Roller - Foam Roller for Massage Therapy

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Foam Roller - Foam Roller for Massage Therapy



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THE ULTIMATE SELF-MASSAGE TOOL – The Foam Roller is used for both Fitness and Massage. Massaged muscles recover more easily. High-Level Athletes use the FOAM Roller to exercise and relax their muscles on a daily basis.

EFFECTIVE REHABILITATION- The Foam Roller can be used for: Localized Myofascial Trigger Point Massage, Recovery, Improving Balance and Muscle Strength, Postural Re-Alignment and also to work on Contracted Muscles, Scar Tissues and Knots. The Foam Roller reduces pain and stimulates blood circulation.

EASY TO CARRY – The Foam Roller is extremely light. It can be easily taken to the gym, the park or anywhere to complete a workout routine. The Foam Roller is ideal for after: Running, Pilates, Crossfit or Yoga. It measures 33cmX14cm.

IDEAL FEATURES – Very light weight, high durability and made of biodegradable material. This Foam Roller is waterproof and heat resistant and can be cleaned very easily.

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