Hozelock Cloud Controller Extension 2218

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Hozelock Cloud Controller Extension 2218

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Hozelock Cloud Controller Extension 2218 The Hozelock Cloud Controller extension is used to expand the irrigation systems currently in use the Hozelock Cloud Controller Kit. The Hozelock Hub (not included with this product) has the ability to control up to 4 controllers, perfect for managing multiple zones in your garden. Hozelock's new WiFi cloud controller brings modern technology to your garden. The timer WiFi water system allows users to control their garden irrigation system from anywhere in the world using only a smartphone (IOS and Android). Integrated into the smartphone app there's the ability to create watering schedules, set, pause, remotely adjust, and check patterns local weather conditions while on the move. These features make it an ideal water timer. for those who are away from their garden for long periods. Extension unit for the Hozelock Cloud Controller kit. Easy installation without the need for programming knowledge. The smartphone app makes it easy to create your watering schedules, even when you're on the go. Set the start time, frequency and duration, as well as pause and adjust watering schedules. Manual watering override for 10, 30 or 60 minutes for additional watering or testing.The app includes a summary of local weather information and push notifications to keep you informed about changes in weather patterns. 2 AA batteries powered with battery status. 3 LED lights will illuminate to indicate the remaining life force battery. A flashing red light indicates when the batteries need to be replaced. 50 meter range from Hozelock Hub to remote faucet unit. Control up to 4 individual Hozelock Wifi controllers in the cloud from the Hozelock Hub (not included). The fault prevention function detects when the battery life has been reduced to a level which could fail while the watering program is in progress.

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